Hush Now - Derian

Derek always stayed with Julian until his nightmares ended. Why would tonight be different? 

Besides, Julian looked so lovely tonight, his bare chest gleaming soft in the moonlight. Normally a lovely cream-and-honey hue, now it was rendered silver-blue in the night. The white sheets rumbled carelessly about his waist, just barely keeping him modest and leaving the ‘v’ of his hipbones artfully exposed

Julian’s head was tipped towards Derek, his soft lips bruised and tender. Perhaps Derek could have been a bit more gentle. He knew Julian didn’t mind though. Kisses, real kisses of sincerity and love were so hard to come by in Julian’s life.

Derek let the tips of his fingers ghost over the silk strands of tussled hair that fell about his face. He brushed them aside, as they obstructed his view of his face.

Julian really was beautiful, wasn’t he? Tonight, he slept deeply, soundly. Perhaps even at peace, leaving Derek wide awake and at war with conflicting emotions.

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